About Us Services offered

The Embassy provides a variety of services to both Indian and non-Indian citizens. These include consular and notary services, assistance to Indian investors / businessmen and Peruvian / Bolivian importers, scholarships to Peruvian and Bolivian students, tourism information about India, etc. In addition, the Embassy has a library on its premises as follows:

The Embassy has a well stocked library of books, magazines, brochures, etc as well as VHS videos, CDs, etc about India in English, Hindi and Spanish. The Library is open to the public. In some cases, books / videos / CDs can be borrowed as per the following rules:

For same day return (e.g. for photocopying), a identity document has to be left with the Embass
For longer periods of borrowing, a letter from the institution of the borrower, apart from the identity document, is required.