About Us Passport & Miscellaneous Services

General Information

Passport services are normally rendered by this Embassy only to those Indian citizens living in Peru/Bolivia. New passport will be issued in 2-3 weeks since the Machine Readable Passport is printed in Delhi.  In case of reference to other Passport Issuing Authorities, it may take more time to issue the passport.

  1. Re-issue of passports (renewal)

On normal expiry of the validity of a passport or on exhaustion of all pages, a fresh passport is issued for a full-validity of 10 years. Applicant can choose between a 36-page booklet or a 60-page booklet (Jumbo). The application can be made from one year prior to the expiry date of the old passport.
Documents required:

. Online NRI Passport Application from Peru & Bolivia

 (Complete in all respects. The application form has to be signed at three different places, and also on pasted photograph on the application).

 Original Passport.

 One photograph to be attached, in addition to the one pasted on the application. (Photo Guidelines)

 Proof of residency.

 Fees (US$ 77 for 36-page booklet and US$ 102 for 60-page booklet).

. In case the passport has expired more than 6 months ago, a statement explaining the reasons for the delay in application.

  1. Duplicate passports in lieu of lost / stolen / damaged passports

In case the lost/stolen passport, duplicate passport shall be issued for a short validity (normally 1 year) after through verifications which can take a longer period of time.   
Documents required:

 Online NRI Passport Application from Peru & Bolivia

 (Complete in all respects. The application form has to be signed at three different places (plus on pasted photograph).

 Photocopy or details of the lost passport.

. Copy of Carnet de Extranjería.

. The applicant must furnish detailed explanation as to how the passport was lost/stolen/damaged.

 Police Report of the loss of passport.

. One photograph, in addition to the one pasted on the application. 

. Fees (US$ 152 for 36-page booklet and US$ 177 for 60-page booklet)

  1. Passport to new-born Child:

    The parent(s) of the child born in Peru/Bolivia (whose either parent is Indian) may apply for the passport of a new-born child.

Documents required:

 Online NRI Passport Application from Peru & Bolivia

 (Complete in all respects. The application form has to be signed at three different places (plus on pasted photograph). The child's signature or thumb impression must be given in the space provided for specimen signatures. However, the declaration on page 4 must be signed by both the parents. 

. Birth Certificate of the child, along with a photocopy.

. Self-attested marriage certificate of parents, if spouse name is not endorsed in the passport.

 Original passports of parents along with its copies.

. The birth should have already been registered in the Embassy within 1 year of the birth of the child.

. Consent of both parents: Both parents need to sign the sworn affidavit available with the Consular Officer.

. One photograph, in addition to the one pasted on the application.  

. Fees: US$ 52.

Important points:  As per the Peruvian law, any child born in Peru must have a Peruvian passport till the age of 18, when the child is allowed to choose either Peruvian or foreign nationality.  Parents are, therefore, requested to check with the Peruvian Immigration authorities before applying for an Indian passport in order to avoid problems that may arise at a later stage.  A child born to Indian parents in Peru and obtaining a Peruvian passport, can opt for an Indian passport at the age of 18 after renouncing his/her Peruvian citizenship. 

  1. Change of name


• Miscellaneous Application Form

 Passport in original.

. One photograph, in addition to the one pasted on the application.

. Sworn affidavit in presence of the consular officer at the Embassy.

. In case of Change of Name as a result of marriage, Marriage Certificate is required.

. In case of Change of Name arising out of divorce, decree from the concerned court should be submitted.

. Fees : US$ 77 for 36-pages booklet and US$ 102 for 60-pages booklet). In addition,   US$ 27 for affidavit.

Emergency Travel Document

An Emergency Certificate is a one-way travel document, which authorizes an Indian citizen to enter India in an emergency. It is issued to Indian citizens who have lost/stolen/damaged their passports and new passports cannot be issued immediately for various reasons.  This document is issued primarily with the objective of ensuring Indian citizen’s return to India.  Applicants should fill in the application form online as prescribed for the issue of a new passport and appear in person at the Embassy with all supporting documents. 

Police Clearance Certificate 

Indian passport holders can apply for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) by completing Miscellaneous application form. Please click on https://portal5.passportindia.gov.in/Online/index.html and select Peru - Lima, register your details and select the services required. Foreigners who have previously resided in India may apply for PCC by filling up the Application for Police Clearance Certificate for Foreign Nationals. PCC, as per the current government of India guidelines, would be issued only after clearance from the respective Police authority in India. Therefore, applicants may please note that there is no fixed time frame for issuance of PCC.

Miscellaneous Consular Services

For availing of any Miscellaneous Service such as attestation of documents, Birth Certificate, etc. of Indian nationals must be accompanied by a Miscellaneous Application Form, complete in all respects.

Some of the services like attestations can also be applied by non-Indian citizens with a letter requesting the particular service accompanied by a copy of the National Identity Document (DNI, Carnet, etc.).         

Fees for Consular / Passport Services - PERU and BOLIVIA:

Category of Service

Fee (U$)

Issue of new Passport with 36 pages


Reissue of Passport with 36 pages


Issue of Passport with 60 pages


Child Passport valid for 5 years or 18 years of age whichever is earlier


Issue of duplicate Passport in lieu of lost, stolen damaged or/and destroyed Passport


Issue of duplicate Passport in lieu of lost, stolen damaged or/and destroyed Passport with 60 pages


Issue of Certificate for a Person's Identity


Additional Endorsement or other miscellaneous services


Emergency Certificate (Also renewal of ECs)


ECNR services on Passports


Registration of Birth of Indian citizens and Certified copy of an entry into the Register


For each affidavit sworn/affirmed before Consular Officer


Police Clearance Certificate


Attestation of civil document (affidavits, educational degrees, sponsorship certificates, marriage, wills, Power of Attorneys


Attestation of affidavits/documents pertaining to sale, purchase, Power of Attorneys, mortgage, transfer, gift, etc., of real Estate or moveable Properties or issue of document by Consular Officer pertaining to such matters


Attestation of commercial document (pertaining to exports from India to a foreign country)


Attestation of commercial document (pertaining to exports from foreign country into India)


Attestation of pension papers, life certificate, declaration of Pay or Pension


All Peruvian/Bolivian documents for attestation have to be first certified by the Directorate of Consular Relations of the Peruvian/Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs before they can be attested by the Embassy.

Submission of Applications

In Peru

Passport/Miscellaneous Consular services have to be applied in person at the Embassy. Completed application form along with all required documents and fee should be submitted at the Embassy by the applicant. The fees have to be paid in cash (exact amount) only in US Dollars by the applicant. Payment in Soles, Credit Cards, Cheques, etc. are not acceptable.

From Bolivia

    Completed applications, along with necessary documents and fees should be deposited and routed to Embassy through Honorary Consulate General of India in Santa Cruz, Bolivia whose contact details are given below:

    Mr. Jonny Salvatierra Saldaña
    Honorary Consul General of India, 
    Av. Banzer km. 3.5 entre 4to y 5to anillo, edificio Tata Motors. Santa Cruz, BOLIVIA 
    Telephone: 00 591 3 3420004
    e-mail: johnny.salvatierra@ba.com.bo; katherine.guardia@ba.com.bo

     Alternatively, applicants in Bolivia can also send their applications to the Embassy by following the instructions given below:

    1. Scanned copies of Completed applications, along with necessary documents, etc., may be sent to the Embassy first by email to: lima@mea.gov.in. Applicants will be informed by the Embassy about correctness of documents. After this, fee can be deposited.
    2. The original application, passport, supporting documents and fee receipts have to be sent by courier to the Embassy of India Lima, Peru (Av.Salaverry 3006 San Isidro, Lima – Peru). These documents have to be couriered to the Embassy at applicant’s cost.  When the service has been rendered and ready for dispatch, the Embassy will be inform the applicant to arrange a pre-paid courier for collection from Lima.

    To pay the Consular fees, the Embassy of India in Peru has opened a bank account in Bolivia in which the applicants should deposit only passport fee in exact amount and NO courier charges or whatsoever should be included.  Thereafter, a scanned copy of the Deposit Receipt should be sent by email to us at cons.lima@mea.gov.in.  Henceforth, no cash will be accepted. The details of the bank account are as under:

    .  Name of the Bank

     Banco de Crédito BCP

    .  Account Holder´s Name


    .  Type of Account

     Caja de ahorro

    .  Currency


    .  Account Number