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Global Pravasi Rishta Portal - Registration of Indian Diaspora in Peru and Bolivia

Posted on: June 13, 2022 | Back | Print

Embassy of India invites the Indian diaspora in Peru and Bolivia to register on the “Global Pravasi Rishta Portal”


The “Global Pravasi Rishta Portal” is a dynamic portal to establish an effective communication channel to connect with the Indian diaspora worldwide. It works as a three-way communication between the Ministry of External Affairs, Indian Missions, and the Diaspora.

The portal has been created to enable the registration of Indian diaspora members, i.e., NRIs, PIOs and OCIs, which is going to facilitate the Government of India to connect with the overseas Indian community through Indian Missions. This will also facilitate members of the Indian diaspora by connecting them to various new and existing government schemes benefiting them in various areas of interest.

The link for ‘Global Pravasi Rishta Portal’ is https://pravasirishta.gov.in

All members of the Indian diaspora living in Peru and Bolivia are urged to register themselves on the “Global Pravasi Rishta Portal” at the earliest.

Steps to Register:

  1. Visit https://pravasirishta.gov.in

ii.For those registering for the first time, please click “New Registration”. In the Registration Form, select Peru or Bolivia as the “Country of Residence”. Please fill in details given in the Registration Form and click “Submit” to register yourself.


Thank you